Our Medium Van Package is perfect for shoots that require more lighting or grip gear than what is usually in the small van packages but don’t need all the lighting control that is included in our Large Van package. With our base package including a 4K HMI, the medium van has plenty of firepower.

3x more gear than Small Van Package

Our Medium van package provides three times more gear than the Small Van. Whether you want to upgrade lamp heads, add a gripping component onto your shoot or have physically more lights on set, this is the way to do it.

Better than EVER before

2020 Rebuild

In 2020, while everything shut down with COVID, we reimagined this vehicle package and re-created it from the ground up. Utilizing all the knowledge we gained servicing over 300 jobs with this van for the last 8 years.. Our 2020 Medium Van Package is now bigger and better than ever before.

30% Faster Packdown Time

More shooting time during the day / Less money spent on overtime

Flexible Vehicle Packages

Pay for what you what you need

Virtual Equipment Portal

Stay in the loop about how your van is configured and manage your job 24/7.

The Location Move King

All of our vans are built around certain strengths. Aside from the sheer ammout of equipment leverage the Medium van provides, the medium van is our fastest van to pack from empty. The combination of revised shelving system and tailgate + trolley combination means this van has a much faster packaging experience. Because of the sheer speed of packs this is the perfect job for any job with location moves written into the schedule. Because we have 2x entry points and trolleys in the van, this van can be packed by 3 people at a time,

Grip Section

While all of our vans carry scaff, the medium van is our only van to feature an integrated Floating Scaff Container. Works well as a grip van with scaff and dolly Gaffer only or both

No Compromise

There’s no denying our medium van is capable of creating some pretty incredible images. Watch our showreel to see just some of the images that have been created with this van package.

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Our Medium Van is booked commonly with the following project types

Here are some jobs our medium van has lit.

Montaigne ‘ For Your Love’

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Broadsheet x Grill’d

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MS Dream Lottery

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Bespoke, Good Value, Flexible

Gear List

We don’t believe in limiting a DOP’s creativity with cookie cutter gear packages OR overcharging a producer by charging them a la carte prices for bulk gear. Because of this we have developed a one of a kind system for providing affordable, bespoke packages individually tailored to each production and it’s needs.

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Our Medium Van Package can be sent out in many different shapes and sizes, we’ll usually let our warehouse determine the best vehicle to supply you based on what equipment is being requested, but if you have specific location or vehicle requirements you want us to work around, let us know so we can accommodate your needs.


Length: 1.5M, Width: 1M, Height: 2M

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Length: 1.5M, Width: 1M, Height: 2M

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Length: 1.5M, Width: 1M, Height: 2M

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Please confirm what vehicle we are supplying you before working around these specifications


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