Penalty Name Penalty Charge Additional Notes
Overtime 8-10 hours Time and a Half (1.5x) Only if Gaffer’s labour is based on an 8 hr day
Overtime 10+ Double Time (2.0x) Charged on all labour over 10 hours
Night Loading Single Time (1.0x) Only available between 10pm – 6am. Can be added onto Overtime as well
Travel Time Added to the total hours for the day Travel Time is charged for locations that shoot further than 30kms from the SAVAGE Warehouse. (7/345 Plummer St, Port Melbourne)

Travel KMS

This is a separate charge to travel time and covers our vehicle’s fuel & depreciation on projets that travel outside of the 30km from SAVAGE Warehouse

Charged on all SAVAGE Vehicles outside of the 30km from SAVAGE Warehouse  – rates below are one way only

Vehicle Rate
SFS01 $1.50/km
SFS02 $1.25/km
SFS03 $1.10/km
Car $1.10/km