SAVAGE Tasmania.

Tasmania is a land of untapped beauty and is becoming more and more popular for filming. After being asked to transport our vans to Tasmania on a semi-regular basis, we have decided to establish an office in the heart of Devonport.

SAVAGE Tasmania offers the same service, labour and resources available in Melbourne, and gives filmmakers and content creators access to the newest generation in LED lighting technology and gripping equipment. This means you are no longer limited creatively by equipment when filming in Tasmania.


Skypanels, Litemats, LED Tubes and M-Series HMIs are now available for use in Tasmania. Along with our Fisher and Panther Dollies if booking a combo or grip van.

As LED technology continues to develop at rapid speeds, the average lifespan of a $15,000 light has shrunk from 20 years to just 2 years due to this equipment becoming obsolete so quickly. Most Tasmanian based gear suppliers are unable to keep up as there just isn’t enough work locally to be able to make a return on these investments.

SAVAGE is able to provide this gear in Tasmania by sharing their resources between SAVAGE Tasmania, Lighthouse Rentals and the 8x vans working out of SAVAGE Melbourne.


We aren’t interested in taking work away from local gaffers and grips. We’ve established good working relationships with the local crew network and aim to employ Tasmanian assistants on all SAVAGE Tasmania jobs. Our training initiatives also aim to up-skill Tasmanian crew, and to give them a taste of the fast paced Melbourne and Sydney style of shooting.

Tasmania is attracting many Melbourne based producers, cinematographers and directors, who tend to be more comfortable working with crew they already know when shooting interstate. Our database of expert gaffers are all available to be booked for Tasmanian jobs. Booking your crew through SAVAGE means knowing you’ll be working with someone who is sharp, experience and familiar with Melbourne’s large scale shoots.